micro-memo for autoethnography researcher or: Don’t work so hard…

I keep having these little bumps in communication with one particular worker at my local library. I find him getting defensive where there is no need for it – and he probably thinks I am a smartass who needs cutting down to size. And then I blame myself for I should know better…

So upon the latest such hiccup, I have been thinking what and how to do, remembering that he is a male with typical patterns (don’t talk about emotions), an engineer by background and – working in a backward system that cultivates denial (no offence intended). Had been walking around with the question, when today he sent me a brief factual response to a request of mine sent to the library. When I later saw him, I thanked him for it, deducted a conclusion for future reference – he agreed – and I added a question for his everyday now expertise on the technicalities of the library process. He seemed genuinely relieved and – gave a helpful answer. So there.

open sky above us

breaking out almost a smile

go lightly into nothing

~ by Barbara S on July 2, 2021.

One Response to “micro-memo for autoethnography researcher or: Don’t work so hard…”

  1. The tutor on the Course on Energy Healing I am currently attending did say in one module – (not to me specifically but it hit home!): You don’t need drama any more. 🙂

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