nice – see comments for update

… as I had been warned to move my self-seeded ash tree (ca 140cm high) away from the wall, I was on the look-out for someone with a spade, not really sure where to turn after some shake-heads… This afternoon, I heard one of my neighbours keeping himself busy with a spade, hacking at not many weeds near his pitch border – so I asked him and he did it! Dug it out and put it back in 2m along at a better place. I enjoyed that little interaction, easy-going. Asked the man would he drink a can of beer or 2 if I got it? Small nod. So a six-pack from the supermarket came back with me later…

'European Ash Tree Branch' by Pierre-Joseph Redoute - Wrapped Canvas Painting Print

In the evening when I came home – what I think of as my tree looked rather limp. So, short of other gardening skills, I shall have to water it and – talk to it very nicely. Perhaps a few drops of RESCUE remedy, come to think of it. Fingers crossed. Any other suggestions?

~ by Barbara S on June 30, 2021.

4 Responses to “nice – see comments for update”

  1. PS the six-pack was appreciated. More than a nod. Hope the RESCUE remedy will be too.

  2. my snippets of everyday life – some more positive than others – remind me today of one exercise Diana Winston suggests in the context of Mindfulness Meditation (UCLA web site, my personal favourite) . She speaks there of paying attention to all – including the getting sidetracked – and return (to breath, the anchor in her case).

  3. learned today that recovery from the shock of moving can take a year or more – am impressed and won’t give up on the tree.

  4. Woodland Trust informed me that horse manure is too acidic, needs removing. thanked them for the education. At a bit of a loss now, because the horse manure also provides the bulk to fill the hole as the kind neighbour threw into the undergrowth what shovelled out… maybe buy a small portion of lime stone powder which is said to be alkaline…

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