in my element

sent in a proposal for an article. Publisher accepted it.

Now I have got 2 months to finish the article and – feel I don’t

know a thing about the subject.

Have dug out the 10 or so books on the subject I could get my hands on over the years

and – still don’t know a thing.

Last week, I surrendered. Ok, I don’t know what I am doing,

but I can at least, day by day take notes

from relevant chapters.

And now it fits. Have been able to book desk space

overlooking the little park behind the library and

am happy as Larry – between the notes taken

all sorts of ideas bubble up, put down in the margins.

Even more importantly though – I love the spot of not-knowing

that comes just before the ideas bubbling.

That’s me. I am a researcher. Not had this happiness in my life since the

last weeks of my undergrad days, sitting in Tubingen Uni

Library, hrs limited due to childcare helped focus. Not even finishing my

dissertation in theology came quite so close, although pretty close.

Philosopher Bernard Lonergan came up with his

transcendental precepts, relevant for describing the process:

  • be attentive
  • be intelligent
  • be reasonable
  • be responsible
  • be original – ok I made up the last one 😛

~ by Barbara S on June 30, 2021.

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