on Thomas Merton

As a convert to RC, he was one of the authors I came across in my years of looking for points of reference. The theology he was educated into – remained alien to me though. Closer I came again when he pioneered dialogue with Buddhism and wrestled with leaving his monastery, at one point writing to a feminist theologian, not a Catholic if I remember, could she tell him, had he made a big mistake… His conversion at a street corner, on the occasion of one of his (many) doctor’s visits, touches my heart. As does the quote here.

~ by Barbara S on June 28, 2021.

5 Responses to “on Thomas Merton”

  1. Hi Barbara, I really enjoy the writings of Thomas Merton. And even though I haven’t read his stuff lately or even know where his book went, I do appreciate his approach.

    • good to hear, Mark – what do you mean ‘where his book went’ – have you mislaid it 🙂 or do you mean his theology…? tell me more –

      • I physically don’t know where his book went. I believe it was one that was going to get replaced by a digital version because of space.

      • do you remember which one it was? He wrote so many? I loved the Asian Journal best.

      • I think it was something like The Complete Thomas Merton. Or something similar. It was a collection of writings.

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