letter to the local rag

having been mis-sold a mattress by a local seller, and it was not all that discounted, I thought of taking them to the small money claims court; but then something inside me shifted – no I won’t; I’ll turn the experience (not listening to my intuition and leave the shop when I had time) into something positive:offer the mattress with some unusual measurements for charities etc to build a frame and use it as a settee or cot. Plus, when it comes to justice, I have bigger fish to fry. So there. If a reader is interested, have a look on the (local) Community hub on facebook – or email me. If someone is interested in turning their own frustration into a positive experience – tell me and let’s meet in the pub when we can. (My local town), to me is still a friendly place – but I won’t be the only one with hidden frustrating experiences – especially over the year of pandemic. I’d like to see a round table somewhere turning them…PS I can’t knit, but knitters are welcome too 🙂 and there is not charge: We are all in this together.

~ by Barbara S on June 27, 2021.

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