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Creative by Nature

“The most interesting and important thing I learned from this class is “system thinking.” Through this way of thinking, I learned that everything, for example humans, nature and society, is connected. These days, human beings tend to ignore the surrounding nature and environment. We first should realize that we humans are a part of nature.” ~ Japanese University student

The following is a replica of the second of three units of an Integrated English course presented online via Moodle forums and Zoom meetings, for first year students at Kyushu University during the second semester of 2020, in Fukuoka, Japan. There is a lot of information here, which the students had about one month to research, discuss together and then write about individually. I am sharing this curriculum publicly, as many students felt this was the most interesting and important material that they studied during the semester. ~Christopher Chase, 2021


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~ by Barbara S on June 26, 2021.

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