Good Grief! : Celebrating Peanuts # 1: Charlie Brown – reblogged

Jonathon D. Svendsen

The comic section of the newspaper has been a home to everything from talking cats to blundering army privates, to trouble making kids. There’s been strips about the work place, strips about a large family, and slightly plump woman and her struggles to find love. We love these strips because they provide a release from the stress of everyday life with their short situational humor.

Perhaps that is why the  newspaper includes the “funny page section” we would receive nothing but news about war, scandal, corruption and violence. It would be a depressing world without them. However, one “children’s comic strip” over all the rest has balanced the humor with a sense of pathos, pain and longing. Only one strip has featured a character who tries hard despite his long suffering tendencies that make the biblical Job look positively cheery. That character, is none other than Charlie Brown.

Charlie Brown Charlie Brown

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~ by Barbara S on June 18, 2021.

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