Letting the news in

dissipate scatter attention

need to ground in –

my calling wide

Some readers may recognise a theme of mine. As I am writing, I hear a radio report on how people are affected by disturbing noise, and perhaps more so due to changes in their routines since the pandemic. So I am not alone. While I cannot judge a situation (like the ones reported on radio just now – a pub garden and, unrelated, a yapping dog), I assume one answer, or at least a criterion, may come from the ability to center, being present in one’s body. As far as I can do that, noise or other disturbances remain outside of my core awareness and thus – less disturbing.

At present I am attending a 7-week online course on energetic healing. The tutor shares a concept or model – all energy being electric and she teaches at various levels to increase energy by remaining inside one’s core column. I find it refreshing to deal with this as a focus and even more so as she, the tutor also says on one hand – no drama, just don’t respond – to go on to: Unless you are an activist.

So there. What is my, what is your core activism – the one I personally remain passionate about even when grounded?

~ by Barbara S on June 17, 2021.

One Response to “Letting the news in”

  1. having added a tag ‘Carmel’ – I am inviting to see the role of Carmel as praying for the world as translated into an existential category, or – to put it differently, something that is ‘on the menu’ of human potential.

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