a hot day in Indianapolis – July 1991

on my way back from the Children’s Museum, on hot dusty pavement, I pass a pick-up truck with two men

unloading big water melons.

one black one white

throw catch throw catch –

it’s all there

I was staying with the Carmelite Sisters, some forward-thinking ones, non-habit-wearing ones.

On this day, they’d gifted me a ticket to visit the Children’s Museum. Some didactic intention? Wanting to get me out of the house on a day-off for them? Genuine kindness because my individual interviews with the Sisters were not going anywhere fast?

It would be a while yet for the aha to sink in, but this was a moment that stayed present. The silent dialogue between the two men.

~ by Barbara S on June 17, 2021.

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  1. see Raimon Panikkar, reality becomes its own symbol,
    ref see

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