Special Guest: Poet Hazel Warren

Communication Meditation

Communication is the journey

not the destination

there’s so much more to be conveyed

than simple information.

Boundaries of identity

are defined through interaction

the most successful of which can lead to


By contributing and learning

we share an education


and thought-creation.

Uncover understanding.

Discover a universe

within our use of words and verse.

Dynamics are negotiated

not finite or fixed

ever changing with ebb and flow

I give you Full Stop.

You hold it

and go.

A delicate dance

along winding boundaries

between what is and what is not

the certain and the impossible

the inappropriate and the unacceptable.

The within and without

and without a doubt

the taken for granted

the unwritten rules

the unstated, understated

the dreams of fools

who danced this way once

but tripped and fell

unwittingly falling under a spell

which was never wittingly cast.

Clumsily grasping for future or past.

But we are in moment

which already passed by

the only way to catch it

was to really not try.

So let your modal verbs go

silence contrition

language is moving

flow with the transition

go with the beat

take a chance

take a bow.

Take a great leap of faith

and begin again


~ by Barbara S on June 12, 2021.

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