special guest: poet Hazel Warren

today’s poem I heard Hazel perform a few years back with her comment this mit apply

to DIY Poets. Perhaps it also applies to some discussion about blogging proficiency?

Cycling Proficiency

A lady named Sheila

rode her bike to the shop

meanwhile in France

the tour was rocked

she is making a mockery

an amateur, barely proficient

got all the gear, but no idea

her amateur outing, would make cyclists fear,

their credibility damaged.

Victoria Pendleton took great offence

these shoddy cyclists should stop the pretence

cycling proficiency isn’t enough

we need to sort the wheat from the chuff!

How the hell are we meant to know who’s for real

when anyone riding around on two wheels

can say they’re a cyclist, on their own report.

It’s making a farce of our beautiful sport.

They need to be stopped

to be stamped on, and shamed

their ridiculous bells

their whistles and chains.

Don’t they know, that I studied

hard and long.

So anyone who doesn’t

do it my way

is wrong!

~ by Barbara S on June 5, 2021.

One Response to “special guest: poet Hazel Warren”

  1. apologies to Hazel who had intended to have this poem set at the centre of the line, being on a war path with the editor, I thought I might lose the will to enjoy the poem if I tried to replicate that. 😉

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