Mother’s Day -1962

My friend in second grade, Renate, lives in the cemetery with her parents. Her dad is the warden cum gardener there.

I am not sure what it means, but right now, I am carrying a bunch of lilacs with their entrancing smell. Renate’s mother has given them to me – as it’s mother’s day and they get them free from the bush. A nice gesture. I am vaguely aware that giving them to her, my mother, will be a placating gesture. Not long before, I have complained to my teacher that my mother won’t let me do anything (of my homework) on my own. The teacher will as a reply, put in a report ‘B. works very independently..’ and my seven-year-old adult self will think: ‘She is never going to get that.’

heavy in my hand the gift

a long road home –

scent for comfort


~ by Barbara S on June 4, 2021.

One Response to “Mother’s Day -1962”

  1. It is amazing how objects, sounds, and smells, can really pull us back in time! Thanks for sharing.

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