Special Guest: Digging for Victory

My friend Hazel Warren, published poet in Nottingham (To See The Moon, Big White Shed, 2019) and member of DIY Poets there –

has kindly gifted me a copy of her first book and so, even in lockdown when we have not met, I am able now to share some of her poetry. Watch this space for more.

Dig for Victory

First I dug my heels in, childishly refusing to move on

from the site of childhood trauma.

Later I dug deep within, I searched my soul

and found it, wanting


Searched in others, to find them



empty souls waiting to be fed.

Now I dig in soil

plant seeds of hope

and bleed from thorny brambles

which I wrestle for the fruit

red juice stains my palms.

~ by Barbara S on June 2, 2021.

One Response to “Special Guest: Digging for Victory”

  1. … of course, my advantage, nay my privilege, as a reader is huge: As I read the poem, I hear it in Hazel’s voice as a performer: Tender and resolute at the same time.

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