human ingenuity: felt sense of being

A few months ago, I met Matt Sanford through a presentation at the Trauma Research Foundation. This yoga teacher fascinated me immediately. A wheel chair user, paralysed from the chest down since a car accident as a teen, he developed a felt sense of being. And despite warnings from medical professionals who thought he might become psychotic (how can he perceive where he can’t feel?), he persisted as a yoga student, practitioner and now teaches adaptive yoga dealing with trauma. Tonight, I listened to his latest youtube video for 30′ and – found myself calm and centred where I had been agitated and insecure before. I try keep the awareness alive during my modest yoga stretches, and it was certainly good to get a refresher tonight.

~ by Barbara S on May 30, 2021.

2 Responses to “human ingenuity: felt sense of being”

  1. – shared this in a fb-group with, among others, trauma-survivors and added the comment: Can you imagine what would have been lost had Matt followed the advice from medical staff…

  2. PS his web presence is so sophisticated that any attempt to embed something bigger and better into my post led to chaos, due to my lack of IT-skills.

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