Human Rights – an act?

After reflecting on the question whether it is a good idea to mix professional views with poetry and personal musings, I have decided to stick with the original concept for this site – to do just that.

Whether that renders the title unsuitable is another matter. However, when I hear in today’s news that a legal case of social justice has now taken 32 years to even be tackled in the Courts, I gather the sense of those survivor families of the Hillsborough disaster must have been that of a very lone voice and there will have been feelings of justice being something in the far distant future.

In an academic paper last year

Poetic Justice, see

I explained how conscience and speaking truth to power for me have become connected – much better said by Katharine Gun*: Truth Always Matters.

This now is my submission for the Government Public Consultation on the Human Rights Act in the UK**.

*her true story was presented in the film Official Secrets

**in the text I use CPR for Civil Procedure Rules; readers outside the UK may not be familiar with the acronym.

~ by Barbara S on May 26, 2021.

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