whatever is faith

open to the all
as a people but then
shards of the kaleidoscope
appear to break
freezes belief
even twist

When you study theology at University, unless you are unlucky, you get to learn that most of what is called religion (in Christianity) is actually myth and superstition. I met an old man once who had been a priest sent to Africa as a missionary before WWII and returned disillusioned. What are we teaching those kids? – More than 50 years later, the only reading material in his bedside table was a worn copy of the Upanishads which I opened at random to the phrase

there is a light beyond

everything it is

the same light as

within us

Elsewhere I have written about the effect that had on me. Today my reflection is about the existential kernel hidden deep beyond all cultural conditioning. For me, in scientists and philosophers I have encountered, the Jewish spirit is in a particular way deeply engrained in anthropology. Most people I have met from a Hindu background have a presence that indicates a rather different but equally deep presence of the core of their faith in their being. Coming to think of it, the same seems true for Africans in their vitality. Chinese and Japanese I may just not be able to read. I need to meet more people from a Muslim background.

Most white Europeans fare rather poorly in comparison, it seems to me. But we can, we can still break through to the light within beyond religion. And beyond conceptualisation.

~ by Barbara S on May 17, 2021.

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  1. This post, starting with the poem at the beginning, was inspired by a Jewish friend’s reflection on his changing sense of community.

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