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Having viewed my life as a research project early on, all my academic work has been colored by my own questions around meaning, humanistic values, and intuitions of the social world as changeable (e.g., see Schaefer 2002a, 2002b, 2003a, 2003b, 2004a).

From the age of 31, I created personal fieldnotes on insight and being. At the age of 50, I wrote my Mission Statement (Schaefer, 2004b). This researcher had begun to see how individuals grow out of the risk of self-destruction from life challenges by opening heart and mind to take a personal stand in a beautiful, hurt world – at risk of self-destruction.

So I could perhaps have been prepared for the challenge in the field of social justice eight years ago, at the age of 57. The judicial process that followed saw me self-advocating against defamation. Interestingly, this year a Judge who experienced an unrelated but relevant similar process said publicly: “Ethically I have always known that my point was right” (Gilham, 2019).

As today individuals are facing more unpredictable challenges through the impact of wider society on local traditions, my writing aims to show what may enable us to meet seemingly insurmountable paradoxes. This author moves beyond participant observation and the inclusion of reflection on the cultural context: The nature of the personal insights and the development of conscience and consciousness have encouraged the occasional use of techniques known from writing in the world’s mystical traditions.


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