Flying single-handed – Dec 2012

Dec 2012

I was in a one-seater plane, a bit like a passenger side-cab attached to a motorbike. Only my small plane was attached to another identical plane by a shared wing to my right. I knew the man in the other plane. He was experienced in flying. When we started we still had the see-through lids over the cabin open, and after a while, flying through thin air, I became a little uncomfortable, apprehensive: Maybe it is time to close the cover now? As a reply, the pilot to my right, reached across and held my hand in his.
Was that what I had wanted? Did I feel safer?
I trusted him. I trusted the flight. So in my dream, I had to wait and see what would happen.

Awake, I feel reluctant to talk much about the man, the other pilot. It was Bonhoeffer.
This dream came not long after reflecting again on Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s prophetic word, as I see it, that we now have to be religion-less as Christians (there simply is no other way).
A sense of awe draws silence about further investigation of the scene. I don’t need to know more.

How the situation might have wanted to develop had I not woken up: Maybe I do need to fly on my own now, as I had in another dream, a few years ago?

~ by Barbara S on May 9, 2021.

2 Responses to “Flying single-handed – Dec 2012”

  1. I remember, some 7 years ago, just after I felt called to leave the initiation as a Catholic behind, I tried spiritual direction, to avoid getting lost. Paul N was a well-educated and grounded individual with an independent mind. Yet, it became apparent that I felt worse after meeting and talking with him, once or twice I got lost in Birmingham on my way to his house and had to continue my journey without seeing him. Finally, after moving my caravan across the country, in a hired vehicle, after bringing my own car back up, travelling back and forth, after some contract in the south had ended, I realised the relationship had to end. I told him about my travels to move the van, as it seemed significant that I had spent 4 days in the car, as if that had cleared my mind. He replied: I sense you really have to do everything single-handedly.

  2. Some 15 years earlier, I had another dream, after my second visit to Israel and the flight out from Tel Aviv, into the rising sun, crossing over Negev:

    I had crossed the desert, and steered the plane safely – single-handed.

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