being philosophical

a perfectly good tooth or so it seemed,

with 2 wings, sat in my pocket for the best part of 2 years

while I, courtesy of the NHS, was sporting a gap at UL4

today before inserting the bridge – attempt nr 10 –

the dentist looked up the manual:

to allow the cement to set

you have to hold it for 6 mins.

So she did, a perfectly good dentist.

~ by Barbara S on April 29, 2021.

2 Responses to “being philosophical”

  1. life is stranger than fiction or: If you made it up, nobody would believe you.

  2. This piece reminds me of the fun I had when for a while I was part of DIY Poets Nottingham Performances – you an be sarcastic like hell, and still leave room in your voice saying: I love life and take it as it comes (not without complaining mind).

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