soft self – another magnetic poem

peace – come away

let the ocean devour

soft self this night


not able to replicate using the IT to show the magnets, so here transcribed;

had been thinking of adding a few lines for the previous one – as the ‘melt into life’ there could stand for

  • suicide
  • alcoholism
  • oceanic longing as expressed by Freud in exchange with Romain Rolland or even
  • mature aceptance of death or
  • apophatic spirituality…

instead what came, courtesy of the magnets offered was this and I settle for it: As I was raging with deep and unproductive rage, I got thinking of my paternal grandmother who alienated everybody with her bitterness, as far as I am aware. She had a hard life as a single parent in the 1920s, scraping a living from a market stall (unless I imagine that last bit). I have no conscious connection with her, never had, so I settle for allowing sleep to wash away any transgenerational trauma…

~ by Barbara S on March 24, 2021.

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