flash memoir –

Attended a zoom writing class on flash memoir tonight, a memoir or a series of memoirs, of no more than 1,000 words (each);

writing exercise during class: A Dream

Here is what I wrote:


author, 66, not yet published

A friendly man, with a light aura, in his forties, approaches me from the left and praises my skill – how wonderful I am doing. On a white board I can see my special skills as one with Asperger’s mapped out.

The man adds, with feeling: Nobody else says that ever, do they? We stand in a non-descript hall or hall way. I nod.

I wake breathing deeply, relieved, joyful. I remember N, the Japanese Buddhist monk I met in Munich.

He had never worked a day in his life for money, I was told by one of his female students.


~ by Barbara S on March 13, 2021.

One Response to “flash memoir –”

  1. what I learned from this exercise was how the sensed meaning changes or: can be transformed, depending on the frame – either by way of a title or the ending for example.

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