Returned this afternoon from 2 days and nights spent in a budget hotel at the other end of town where I had cycled to, escaping the modest heating in my present abode, given the current freezing temperatures. (Don’t fret, first thing I did once back, was applying for a grant to upgrade same).

What I find pleasing is – the change was invigorating, like I was on a writing retreat. Even with some time spent just pottering around or watching TV,  I was looking at the selfsame screen at my own laptop differently, had different thoughts and new ideas – like: I am a grown-up professional. Fancy that, age 66.

Perhaps the thoughts and views were due anyway and only popped out after the modest exercise on the bike, getting there.

Or perhaps the warmth in the hotel room, together with some space to do my modest age-adapted yoga stretches, loosened this writer’s limbs? Perhaps a bit of all of that and as the late DJ and music expert John Peel was fond of saying ‘everything worth doing has a mystical kernel’ – and in trying to understand it you have not understood it at all. Yoga teacher Matt Sanford: ‘I don’t think narratives explain the mystery – they point to it.’

Something has been pointed out to me in any case. Back home, I find myself looking at my own little home with fresh eyes (cold feet still), keeping the momentum I had gained.


~ by Barbara S on February 13, 2021.

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