joining the new year: Living with Purpose

my start returning

put on hold – no electricity at home

banished to a hotel: reprieve


As I have said, after 2 months away, it has given me time to get my bearings back on the small island I call home after two months of researching my European roots and outlook – to have my traveller state inadvertently extended by 4 days/nights to be spent in the cocoon of a budget hotel, happy to be suspended in limbo. Or perhaps I just needed to give my soul some time to catch up, after all the travelling. Further work involving travel is already being planned.

This time no coach driver said: ‘… me duck’ when I came back. But a black border control officer welcomed me back, me and my burgundy passport.

I have joined a journaling challenge for 10 days. So watch this space. Happy New Year…


Today’s prompt for the Journal: Living with Purpose

Immediately, I am reminded of the book I bought a few years ago – about living with chronic pain. It had not taken me long to realise, the kernel of the books’ message for me at that point was exactly that: Live your life according to what is meaningful to you. I certainly don’t always maintain that clarity, but I never quite slipped back into the state before I received that impulse. I had expected from myself to be clear about that ‘living with purpose’ – instead I found myself in denial even of my lack thereof.

And now, beyond my mid-60s, there is something else coming to the fore: The Meaning is in the Being, or it is not.



~ by Barbara S on January 2, 2021.

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