open to the horizon

tonight I read a beautiful blog post by Sr Ilia Delio, a Franciscan Sr and modern academic theologian (and in my eagerness to reply got her name wrong). This is my favourite paragraph:

“…every event has an ultimate horizon, an absolute center of infinite possibilities held open for a particular response in this particular moment.  The ultimate horizon of each life-event is God.   There is no other God than the God of the eternal now.  God is not simply the ultimate horizon of life; God is the ultimacy of life in this moment. How I live in this moment, therefore, makes a difference to my eternal existence, to the final definition of my life, and what my life means for the world, since the final decision of my life—in this moment–is my irreversible contribution to the world…”

While I wish her well for her recovery, for me this piece of writing shows the embodiment of the insight others have had before – namely that healing (or recovery) is not necessarily the full restoration of physical health… – but the openness to Presence in everything. Thank you.

~ by Barbara S on July 15, 2020.

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