coming alive

had not long read Ferdinand von Schirach’s ‘Der Fall Connolli’ when I stumbled into the bookshop at Bonn Central station to ask staff for recommendations for my next journey. Initially we chatted about detective stories as there are now a few series that bring out the respective quirkiness of the different German regions through their characters. Suddenly she asked – have you come across this, pointing to Connolli. Oh yes, and with deep respect for his work. – For the briefest of moments we were both silent, before we progressed to find my newest purchase.

The passage from von Schirach’s book that had stayed with me was about the lawyer working on his speech in the complex case that gave the book its title. He says he had studied the law for years…, and only now knew – it was about those hurt, or words to that effect.

This has now come alive again in me through the encounter with the book seller.

~ by Barbara S on April 13, 2019.

2 Responses to “coming alive”

  1. That moment of joined silence is perhaps the most meaningful part of the story for me – secular prayer?

  2. … and to allow moments like this to unfold fully, to do them and myself justice perhaps, I live a semi-solitary life.

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