open heart surgery

open heart surgery:
plucking a dead leaf
his hair is white now

open heart surgery:
marvelling at honeysuckle

tenderness abound

open heart surgery:
while weeding – he is
breathing, somewhere

~ by Barbara S on September 29, 2018.

6 Responses to “open heart surgery”

  1. I wrote this about a month ago, about the same time as I found myself saying: “I never knew how deep the love to a friend could be …” – already with the knowledge that we would have to part (again) due to pre-existing other commitments we both have. A budding friendship many years ago very briefly spread its wings as a veritable platonic love: Being very close at a long distance.

  2. Where was it, not long ago, I heard someone say “I believe you can still love someone you have not seen for 20 years. I really believe that.” I knew then what the person was talking about – yet did not realise, how acute it would become.

  3. With its comments, this piece unfolds like, or similar to a haibun – an essay with haiku embedded. Hoping to write more of those. Watch this space.

  4. as you can also see from the edits, haiku skills are work in progress (at least that is what I hope it is).

  5. I am new to gardening – in fact I only have one small flower bed, I experiment with. As the encounter with my friend became very intense, I found myself enjoying the simplicity of watching just a few plants grow.

  6. wordpress does not allow me to set the last line of the middle stanza closer to the second – a technical error; however, it appears meaningful as this is an extraordinary tenderness and experience. So it seems core.

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