John Lennon sang about ‘above us only open sky’ – I am thinking of his impulse not so much as an invitation to imagine but one to realise under-open-sky-being.

Thinking about the effect Elena Lux-Marx’ pictures (see exhibition in the Arithmeum, Bonn, since Mar 16, 2019)  had on me the other day, before I read the brochure, I am reminded of John Lennon’s song:

Looking at the pictures – invites a shift on perspective, eventually, a looking beyond or inside… “… from the surface into a space that pulls the soul into its own depth. From a near-hypnotic (effect), there rises a longing to enter a different world, indescribable and beautiful.

~ by Barbara S on September 15, 2018.

One Response to “imagine…”

  1. … being pulled inside thus, I found – now there are three anchors in me – clarity, freedom and care. They are, of course, not solid, not solidified – not secure under my belt kind of anchors but only live in – applying them.
    This again reminds me of philosopher Bernard Lonergan who has written volumes and volumes on philosophy of insight and of religion – and there somewhere says, if I remember correctly ‘art can get us there in a flash’…

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