guest post by Flick Grey: Just Borderline from ‘Asylum magazine, spring 2017

~ by Barbara S on April 1, 2017.

5 Responses to “guest post by Flick Grey: Just Borderline from ‘Asylum magazine, spring 2017”

  1. A very truthful, personal and insightful article, I find. I hope to comment more.

  2. Another thought: While I am not entirely sure what you mean by ‘generative space’, I do remember that the sense of being different, a humming physical sensation felt at the same time as keeping me apart and a gift. That drove me to research humanities… until early in my thirties, through feminist psychodrama, a shift occured and my eyes opened: Aloneness has not changed, but gradually I have moved in with myself…

  3. btw this is a link to Sam Craft’s work:…/adults-share-how..

  4. my own reflection continuing: … once that shift had occurred, the most important thing to learn, with hindsight, was how deeply I could trust and was trusting my intuition. That and layers of guilt and anger.

  5. and another reference that says it better than I could ‘I never give up on myself’ – does it matter that it’s another AS-related reference?…/asperger-self-help-author-an…/

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