Flat-foot traveller dinner-time shopping

In the supermarket last night, a checkout lady with hair a bit more white than mine, pondered my load and stated: ” I don’t see how that is going to make a tasty dinner – a bottle of water, a tub of margarine and some cotton buds…”. I had to laugh” Well, it’s going to be my breakfast – for dinner I got a tub of pasta salad, reduced to 10p.” We shared briefly how refreshing it is to detect readiness for a wicked sense of humour in another, as women of a certain age. She affirmed: “With some people I just wouldn’t say anything like that.”

Outside, as I was untying my bike, I asked a young polish guy who stood smoking whether I could turn left to the main road or were there steps? He said he’d check for me and came back in an instant with the answer, no I could not go through there. I thanked him genuinely, Polish-German relations being now vastly improved.

~ by Barbara S on November 8, 2016.

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