flatfoot travelling near home

Yesterday morning, in travelling mode, I went to have breakfast at McD, before starting work from a city library PC. A couple of tables away from mine sat the shape of a young man in a shabby brownish hoodie, fast asleep, head on his arms, behind the detritus of his breakfast.

Eventually the cleaner, who I usually find very helpful when I go there, nudged the manager and he went over to wake the young man: “You can’t sleep in here!”

Not long after, a friend came to join the young man. That kept him awake. The second man looked a bit older, and similarly dishevelled: Both homeless, I thought. With big cheap bags at their side.

Then a snippet of their conversation reached me: The second man  mused “Before I get a seizure, the whole world seems to buzz – like that” – marking a half circle with his arm in his aura – “do you get that as well? Yeah.”

Not far from the risk of being homeless myself at the moment, I ponder on what may become of them and of me, and am, once again, reminded of KZ-survivor Peggy Parnass who stated once in an interview, she, being a well-educated intellectual and artist felt she could “afford to be poor” -it did not affect her social standing or wellbeing much.




~ by Barbara S on September 25, 2016.

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