Ruben’s leap of faith

Ruben Habito in an interview in the ‘Tricycle magazine: (The death of the religiously taught God is) …  what led me to the God that is beyond words and concepts.

In one sense, there’s nothing left. But you can also say that’s where everything begins. I was doing this kind of mental gymnastics when I was preparing for ordination. Reading the Pauline letters [in the New Testament], the notion of pleroma[fullness] in Paul, and ta panta en pasin, the “all in all,” caught my attention. The Greek expression struck me: fullness in a way that there’s nothing more that can be filled. Ultimate fullness corresponds to emptiness.We also call it “mystery,” that which makes our mouth just shut in holy wonder. And I believe that that’s what Zen opens to us…”


but this moment


I remember clearly the moment I decided, no, it decided in me, 30 years ago, that my philosophical studies, reflecting on a deep experience were not leading me to Buddhism, but to a deeply reflected Christianity. There is a very thin line that had to be – not crossed.

When I talked with a nun years later, she said – after immature religion is dropped off – what remains is the present moment. For me it seems rather an eternity of moments…

I remember also  the nun who, many years ago,  pointed out in  a conversation with a fellow Zen-student, Jesus may have been the first person with that consciousness.

~ by Barbara S on September 20, 2016.

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