left and right

How come

Ernst Jandl twisting his tongue

confusing reft and light into the bargain


the world for me where a left-wing

policical bard did not ?

I asked my teacher at 16:

He did not know the answer then –

at 60, I know:

playfulness gave me back

my birthright – to change the world

I love –

~ by Barbara S on August 13, 2016.

2 Responses to “left and right”

  1. Ernst Jandl, Austrian poet and word player wrote and performed, among many others, one poem where he states ‘lechts and rinks’ can be confused…

  2. The poem started with a thought – that my responses to the world include the full range of possible human behaviour. Yet , only playfully, carefully, setting one foot before the other I seem to make a difference, sometimes …

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