Critical Minds – in structures of power or creating alternatives?

Dear Tina Minkowitz,

Short of writing an essay on the subject – which I would love to do – I think the issues of being of critical thinking and radical analysis are quite separate from being entrepreneurical – which to some extent one would have to be to create alternatives – as quite a few experienced survivors in my part of the world now have done. I admire them but I don’t think am not one of them. So I don’t there is ever going to be a ‘we should’ answer to this – but only ever individual processes dealing with the need to earn a living, mostly, with a given experience, character and outlook. I am now beginning to wonder whether there isn’t a co-relation between not being entrepreneurial and being introvert, but let me put that to one side. So what about this ‘love within the structures”? It seems to me the critical stance many of us have arrived at through a combination of aptitude for critical thinking and tough own experience is only the beginning. If we want to continue to function and even implement innovation in our respective fields, the price is – we cant, we mustn’t stop growing within. Love beyond platitudes is – a state of being or an encounter of souls – both requires us to see the other(s) beyond our critical thinking. You have not achieved what you have without at least implictely knowing much of that. So I may just be thinking aloud here. Personally, coming from my experiences early on, I see this as a growing to live freely in paradox. And to do so with a fresh approach, a beginner’s mind, if you like. I certainly am a beginner. Call it embodiment, or as one philosopher has called it ‘self-appropriation’ of being attentive, being understanding, being reasonable and being responsible. Being sharp, cut-through clear and yet not being/getting personal in an argument. And as a lawyer I guess arguing is how you earn your living (wink emoticon) – but it applies to other fields. I recently had a not unrelated discusion with Rachel Waddingham – whom I admire for her style of working (goes to show that independent workers need those skills as well) – and it ended with the point – when it comes to the crunch, when once sense of truth and justice (important aspects of that being-in-love from the start!) demand to take a radical stance – as happened for me 5 years ago when had to below the whistle in aN NHS Mental Health Trust. So Justice or what is possible within structures as a theme has been forced upon me as I had to file a court claim against that Trust for detriment. Ultimately, I see this rather steep learning curve as on my part been brought about (partly) by not being attentive enough to certain aspects of a complex situation anyway. – On the other hand, this has now (almost) led me to an experience how a process of justice truly takes time – a contemplative way of growing, if that makes sense, rather than the active variety.



~ by Barbara S on March 16, 2016.

One Response to “Critical Minds – in structures of power or creating alternatives?”

  1. This is my reply to a fb discussion where Tina Minkowitz asked whether ‘we’ as radicals can work (and lovingly at that) within the existing structures of power or whether we need to create alternative ones…

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