turning it over

retching in disgust

burning yellow

an echo of stunted flow –

beyond time


~ by Barbara S on February 28, 2016.

One Response to “turning it over”

  1. the healing effect, for me, in writing poems, lies in the word, the phrase that ‘arrives’, is given by the higher power within – subconscious creativity… in this case it is the ‘beyond time’:
    there may also be a contribution to the question of ‘relapse’ of the recovering addict (in my case to ‘being miserable and powerless’- which may have to be lived-through in whatever form life puts it to us – the depth of self-disgust that drives the addict to destroy themselves utilising while perverting the deepest drive the human may have – to free the spirit and let it soar.

    At my age, nearly 62, I am glad, there did not ‘arrive’ any reference to my abusive mother – but ‘beyond time’. It reminds me, when a few months ago, I met with a homeopath, very qualified and experienced in a lived way and a very sympathetic eccentric herself – yet there was something that did not sit right when she said things like ‘you have got to overcome this… by doing that…’ a few times, and it was then I knew, yet again, in a deeper way: I can get there by letting clarity ‘arrive’ – usually through meditation and reflection. No other way.

    Ultimately beyond the reach of words and concepts, in this ‘beyond time’ there is, for me, a healing impulse – akin to a dream I had at about 17 – the world was coming to an end – yet going on transformed (near abstract images of earth quake) – and I awoke with a sense of awe….

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