seismic shift – Israel summer 1992

the seismic shift of

one breath

takes me back

24 years to Negev,

to the sweltering heat at

mid-day looking out

over the canyon down;

hiding from the sun

in the observatory:

raw exposure the wild and deep.


-I could have followed the invitation back

to the Carmelites in Indianapolis, US.

It would have been hot there, too.

But I would have missed out on

Negev, the Dead Sea, and my trip up to

the mountainous north – traditionally home of mystics:

– later I would enjoy the view of the Mediterranean from Haifa’s Mount Carmel –

But first, a weekend near Safed. Staying with a couple I had heard

of through Findhorn, Mark and Amanda. And their two sons. Up high on the mountain top,

outside their front door, after the ritualised Sabbath meal with the family…the simplicity and  devotion –

I stepped outside quietly – and lost what remnants of religion I may have carried.

This is what is.







~ by Barbara S on February 26, 2016.

One Response to “seismic shift – Israel summer 1992”

  1. Initially, when chosen, the phrase ‘seismic shift’ referred to the fact, that recalling this, like other special moments, I am back there in an instant – breathing deeper and aware of my freedom, or as a protagonist of James Baldwin’s put it: The fabulous extent of my luck.
    Yet there are other layers of meaning to explore perhaps: The shift away from religion, the attraction of desert, canyon and mountain top.

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