someone who had obviously done a lot of reflection on the subject, asked me on facebook, what is the self…I

my reply:
… it’s 3am here… so I won’t be able to do your interesting post justice. Just one thought, or maybe that’s two: The self created through abuse and all that – isn’t that what some used to call the ‘false self’?

And this: My personal image of the self is a place at the heart of the person where the world shines through. That way the concept remains fluid. And now a question (since you mention ‘navel-gazing’): When one stops talking and starts listening, doesn’t navel-gazing turn into prayer? –  prayer, as I just the other day said in a different context, that is not about religion – but about relationship – or: existential, as you so aptly say.



~ by Barbara S on December 24, 2015.

One Response to “self?”

  1. …and further: A nun, some 500 years ago, wrote what I consider a spiritual anthropology or epistemology: The Interior Castle, read as levels of consciousness; those levels act like prisms when it comes to what (or the world) they let shine through and how.

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