(Recently shared in a 12-step email group that combines them with Buddhist meditation – I find myself not a Buddhist any more than I follow Christian mythology or precepts.) What on earth is she on about now, I hear you say. It is very difficult to put into words, yet it is that which I find whole in me and clear.

Let me tell you a story that somehow captures it – perhaps I have even shared this here before –
earlier this year I was involved in supporting a British-Iranian women imprisoned in Tehran. During the fb campaign, someone, from somewhere in the world, posted – we pray for you. And someone else angrily replied: “What nonsense, that religious stuff, that’s what’s wrong (with Iran)!” – and a third one chipped in: “Praying is not about religion, it is about relationship.”  
That’s what’s taken me a long time to acknowledge.
Years ago, temporarily living in the remote Highlands of Scotland with, of all things, a RC Church in the village, the priest one day saw me sitting in the church and he said – “You pray and you never know whether it does anything, and it does not matter – you just can’t help it.”
Again, took a while, still does, to really sink in – that’s me. (My addiction is self-loathing – VERY sticky!)
Thanks for prompting and reading this.

~ by Barbara S on December 24, 2015.

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