The Case or: Richard G, OK

The case of Richard Glossip, OK

Three judges who wanted the case to go away,
Two judges who stood opposed –
One judge would have granted a stay,
One gov’ner who still does not know what poison they use to kill prisoners.
One 4th-grader who asks his school assembly to remember his uncle Rick.
In the light of no evidence against him,
only that given by the man he did not hire,
and who will not get  a last meal:
– One man who now had 

  two last meals in as many weeks

  and still lives.


~ by Barbara S on October 3, 2015.

One Response to “The Case or: Richard G, OK”

  1. Those of my readers who are also my fb friends may have noticed that I got involved in sharing and protesting about this case of a very disputable death penalty. The latest twist of the saga gave him another 37 days reprieve. And the protest goes on.

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