… Called To Rest – Nov 1985


Here I was, at 31, attending my second week-long residential feminist Psychodrama course.

The first one, a few months earlier, had opened my eyes to that which I had always sensed but not known, known but not acknowledged, felt deeply but not been able to put into words.

Now it was about trying out different roles and practising that new-found inspiration…

I found myself sitting cross-legged opposite another group member, protagonist of that scene – she had chosen me as her needy sister. In the role of her sister I had to repeat, again, again, ‘but I need you’… whereas she kept shaking her head: “I can’t help you…”

At the same time, I felt Warmth, Love, Presence flooding through me, being held by it – beyond belief.

For the protagonist, the scene was somewhat unresolved. She simply left.

Our trainer, fortunately, left me alone during break time where others might have commented on ‘hard work’. So I  went for a walk through the village, on a foggy November afternoon – walking with that unnamed Fullness and Presence, beyond words.

I passed the village church.


rooted to the spot,

at the cemetery gate:

inscription on the tomb stone



~ by Barbara S on June 11, 2015.

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