Over time, I have come across 3 doctors now, whose sensitivity for some meaning and purpose in patients’ illnesses led them into weird esoteric concepts – or worse, in one case.
That does not change for me, the value of the intuition that there is something to be learned from listening to the body, deeply. And gaining insights from that.
In my case, and for the moment, that seems to be the hunch – that what pain my joints and muscles express – is stored insult – from emotional abuse over years as a child, to environments that could not understand the way I expressed my sensitivity – as I could not understand it myself, perhaps – to more recent experience…
I don’t have to dwell on or analyse what happened, just acknowledge it. And that’s what it is.
Whatever my sense of purpose is, my deepest joy or what other names there are, that will remain and will be what I live – one way or the other. There may be relief from symptoms through one tool or other, some aid or remedy. However, they are but that – tools: They are not meaning or even substitutes of meaning.
A life well lived is – whether with pain and obstacles, limping or not.

~ by Barbara S on June 7, 2015.

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