Still, Alive




what is it



it is




~ by Barbara S on May 24, 2015.

One Response to “Still, Alive”

  1. this little non-poem is paraphrasing a short inner monologue in Lisa Genova’s novel ‘Still Alice’, a fictional first-person account from the inside. of a scientist with early onset Alzheimer’s. As she progresses and lives with her two adult daughters ( ‘the mother’ and ‘the actress’ to her at that stage) and a couple of grandchildren, the actress asks her for feedback on a performance piece she is rehearsing: “Tell me what it’s about, how does it make you feel!” – and Alice, who would not have been able to describe complex processes in words or even sentences – gets it: “It is about love!” The daughter is clearly moved deeply.
    Having worked with dementia patients in my thirties, this feels completely authentic to me: The person is still in there, just needs the permission to come out, is one answer. Another: Remaining in a carrying familiar environment, the person can still function. A third, and the most paradox:
    The wordless coming-out of love for life that for so long did not have a language, only a felt-sense in me – the vastness between words – is not so different from the experience as described for Alice. Could it be that the childlike sense of wonder – comes full circle as we age, one way or the other? As I am writing this, something inside me screams: How far is this hope from the everyday disgraceful treatment in so much elderly care –

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