Deep Calling, April 2004

Going to Barmouth from where I lived, you could go either by train from Fairbourne, across the railway bridge, or walk over, in a half hour, using that same bridge – or drive round the Estuary via Dolgellau., some 8 miles.

I don’t remember, what business I had driving across that day.

Not being much involved in village life, I had, however, been aware of the news that two men from Barmouth life guard station had drowned.


sitting deep, at the bottom of the sea

no sound, no echo –

just presence, anchored


As I drove along the last stretch, along the coastal road into Barmouth I felt a deep melancholy, not unknown to me – but more than that, the presence, overwhelming presence of a silent absence. And a slight chill. There was nothing to be done. Just sit with it. That I did. Even after I returned home in the evening.

~ by Barbara S on March 24, 2015.

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