Emptiness – Feb 2015

I don’t remember where I read of which Zen teacher is quoted as having said – after the Great Zen Experience, you life will be – as it would have been anyway – only with inner freedom.
Yet today seemed one of those days where it all becomes a bit clearer. It seems now, as a child that gentle breath of inner freedom was with me as something I felt locked in, yet held comfortable;
then I grew up (or so I thought) and I attempted to shake it off – did not want to be different any more.
Until, that shell collapsed, and I broke free – to be inside the emptiness.
Yet still, the old layers of armour were around me, impenetrable.

Today, for a while, on my way to yet another court hearing, on social justice, I felt suddenly grateful for a difficult role I am filling at the moment, a difficult task I am trying to meet. And yet, there was great clarity and calm at the center…

Later, home, I am wondering whether I have not moved freedom into the Armour now, as I feel, at least temporarily, free in a pervasive sense.

The god-shaped hole within
breathing out,
here I am

~ by Barbara S on February 24, 2015.

3 Responses to “Emptiness – Feb 2015”

  1. I don’t know where the gratitude came from, all I can say, it came not from me.

  2. As for allowing the pervasive emptiness, in my eperience there are lots of attempts necessary before the human system is so worn down from not opening – that it will.

  3. This seems to be at the same time a process of healing and being challenged, deeper than ever.

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