Treading Softly – Dec 2014

A moment, reading and bringing together in my mind two emails from 12-step friends online – and a new connection is made, without my doing. In solitude, on my own, I have been learning from the 12-step program. And, over the past 5 years or so, I have been learning from the Anti-Psychiatry Survivor movement, the Hearing Voices Network, through their talks and conferences.
Suddenly, something clicked yesterday: “Part of the personality freezes at the point of trauma…” And the messages I may be getting about that still, maybe – symbolic, yet meaningful.
Not a new insight, but yet something clicked and fell into place – opened a sense of compassion – with myself and others:
That’s who I am now. At the age of 60, yet also with a pre-natal trauma I know off, the deep deep schock when my world ended as I lost my best friend at the age of 9 and the numbness of years being bullied by my mother and, from age 11 to 13 at school… All that is in me.
And more.

~ by Barbara S on December 23, 2014.

2 Responses to “Treading Softly – Dec 2014”

  1. There was another comment that influenced and opened my receptivity to the insight – a facebook friend talking in a youtube video about her journey to becoming a person again – after denial of the trauma of abuse, medication… – through to accepting herself as good.

  2. it seems this little insight goes deeper than acknowledgement of parts in the sense of transactional analysis – but then who am I to judge? What i do know is tht I have had to synthetise myself in my own time. Or, as a 12-step friend said about himself … ‘yet another layer of the onion being peeled off.’
    Incidentally, but from afar another thought: Creativity means new connections made in the mind are always possible…

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