Solitude is
my other half;
she lingers and waits for me,
stretching her legs lasciviously
she wraps a robe
round her full figure as I
return home.
She teases and tickles,
probes and purrs,
as I –
want nothing but
to be left alone.


~ by Barbara S on November 15, 2014.

One Response to “Solitude”

  1. This poem wrote itself, as it were, the other night, out of a sudden impulse, and had me laugh out loud, in an otherwise rather stressful life situation at present.
    Reflecting on a recent exchange with Sarah K Reeve about multiple personality ‘disorder’ or dissociation, I find that the poem reflects several members of my inner family:
    – A numb slightly masochistic part (here speaking as I),
    – a gigola, acknowledging homoerotic perception,
    – solitude, the nun or mystic within and
    – a mature female (that’ ‘ll be the day!)

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