Crest of a Wave – April 1963

How do you remember something in your bones? Another moment, when I was 9, unwell and utterly unhappy, had been forgotten and only came back with a flash when someone asked me, in my early thirties, had I had any spiritual experiences as a child?
The 9-year-old stopped, on the way back from her GP, sick note in hand, walking up the hill back to her parents’ house, at an undeveloped field between houses, in their small town, and there – she was suddenly struck by – the world evolving. Without the words, something shifted, the long grass was swaying in the wind, nothing was wrong or weird in that, it was merely growing and shaping an image, a character from nothingness – and when all was done, things would turn around, break, and develop afresh.

She had forgotten the moment for some 20 years, yet she had never lost the sense of meaning-beyond-all.


~ by Barbara S on August 19, 2013.

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