Learning – Oct 1978

October 1978 – Teaching I Teach Orientation

I am teaching my first adult learner beginners’ class of English in a community college in the far south of West Germany.

In front of me – 10, 15 mostly retired people, who want to give it a shot.
I have just asked them about their motivation to learn English now, and heard a variety of interests; all, however, breathing the excitement of six-year-olds, heading for school the first day – expecting a new world to open up .
So, I suppose, it is a meaningful coincidence, that many of my students give as their first motivation – to be able to help their grandchildren, who are just beginning to learn the language at school.

Some want to travel to Britain and be able to find their way around Big Ben without too much embarrassment.
Eager, with bright eyes they are looking at me.

Making sense
of a new word – all here now;
round world

“We look at things differently now.
We enjoy and gain far more out of paintings,
literature and architecture.
Even TV programmes have an extra dimension.” (Adult Learner)


first published by World Haiku Review online, ca. 2002

~ by Barbara S on February 2, 2013.

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