point-less stories?

The Zen koans a zen student may have to solve if they want to be recognised as zen master are traditionallycomplex historically evolved Buddhist stories. Apart from an existential paradox that can only be recognised immediately by an open mind, they contain layers of critical interpretation and comments, like all valuable tradition they are at risk of being canonized rather than being subjected to historical-critical analysis.

To get the core –
You cannot be stuck in preconceived notions,
You cannot fake the answer,
There are several layers of answers,
Not judging yourself in the process plays a part,
The most authentic and open-hearted solution only will do;
If you want to hold on to the outcome (of having solved one) – you will
lose it;

May you be able to gain in open-heartedness beyond preconceived notions.


~ by Barbara S on January 20, 2013.

One Response to “point-less stories?”

  1. My argument for historical-critical analysis of those stories is, however, not to say that such analysis can provide the answers or insights needed – the paradox contained will still only pop up once the mind allows – Presence.

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